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Otter Self Storage - Grove Spokane
4309 S Grove Road

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You can access most of your account information for your storage unit through the Rental Center.

Signup through the rental center today to adjust any of your account information, including address, phone number and email address.

Watch the How-To-Video for helpful directions.
How To Create Your Account

Made a Payment? Need to remove the lock on my unit? Simply Click the Otter Lock Logo and follow the directions

If the link is not working or you are having issues with removing the lock on your unit please CALL (833) 230-8837 Option 1

**Remember to return the lock to the designated drop box located by the OFFICE ENTRANCE or fees will be charged to your account

How Do I Pay For My Storage Unit? Hassle Free!

Ways To Pay
Pay Directly On Our Website
Simply click the PAY button at the top right of this page!
This will redirect you to a new page and walk you through on paying your storage unit bill.

Pay By Calling 844-230-8837 Option 2
This is our free Otter Call Center. Listen to the prompts and accept the number associated with paying over the phone.
You can pay with Debit or Credit Card Only and will be a small fee for doing so. We encourage you to pay online!

Pay Directly On The MyStorPal App (SEE BELOW)
  • Gate access codes
  • Directions to facility
  • Make payments
  • Photograph/document belongings
  • One touch support to call the property or Otter support team
Accepted Forms of Payment
Debit or Credit Card
If you have access to a debit or credit card that is a Visa, MasterCard or Discover you can pay your storage unit right here online!
Simply click the PAY button above and follow the directions to pay your account balance.
In order to confirm your payment was processed please confirm you received an email notification that your payment was successfully submitted to the email on the account.

Bank Account or ACH
No access to a debit or credit card? No worries! We accept payment from any bank institution.
Use the bank account and routing number on a check to sign up for automatic withdrawals directly from your bank account.

Cash Only? We take Green Dot Debit Cards
If all you have is cash please be sure to stop by your local convenience store or gas station and pre-load a debit card. We will gladly take this form of payment.

Auto-Payment (Debit, Credit Card, ACH Bank Account)
Make sure to sign up for Auto-Pay when using your debit or credit card OR using an ACH / Bank Account Number, for an automatic recurring monthly payment that is hassle free! You will help avoid any late fees in forgetting your due date.
Auto-Pay means that your account will automatically deduct the funds from your institution of payment on or before you due date to avoid your account being late.
We are all very busy, and signing up for auto-pay takes the worry free approach out of remembering when your storage unit bill is due!