Storage Tips & Uses

First time using storage? No worries, Were here to help!

Why Use Self Storage?

Reduce Clutter
Self-Storage facilities offer a great way to free up space in your home without giving up valued belongings.

Some items may be required to be stored in a secure area.

Self-Storage facilities often offer higher levels of security than are available at your home.

Often homes are not able to accommodate large items such as boars, canoes, or even specialty cars.

De-cluttering: Store OR Keep?

Clothes worn regularly. Regular use items (silverware, bedding, etc). Often used furniture. Photos and décor to be hung. Board games and toys you use often. Current documents and bills. Collectors’ items for display.

Out of season clothing. Excess items (towels, specialty silverware, blankets). Seldom used furniture. Excess art/pictures. Old/excess toys. Old documents/papers. Collectors items not up for display. Out of season sporting gear, gardening and home care supplies.

Self Storage Packing Tips

Boxes & Unit Organization
Stacking can be made easier by using the same size boxes. Do not overfill or under-fill boxes. This can cause the box to be damaged. Label boxes on multiples sides. Places heavy items on the bottom. Place boxes of fragile items on top of other boxes. Factor in room for walking when estimating how much storage is needed. Place least used items at the back of your unit. Place valuables behind other items to make them more difficult to see. The use of plastic bags can trap moisture, damaging belongings. Avoid if possible. Clean items like clothing or blankets before packing to prevent the transport of germs

Furniture, Mattresses, Dishes & Books
Cover furniture to protect from tears and scratches. Take off cushions on all couches and chairs to vacuum and clean out crumbs or food. Disassemble furniture where possible to help prevent damage. Treat leather with a special conditioner for extra protection. Polish wood before packing for extra protection. Wipe metal objects with machine oil to prevent rust. DO NOT store mattresses directly touching the concrete or unit floor. Place cardboard, tarps or other water proofing material underneath mattresses. Cover or wrap mattresses in waterproof materials. DO NOT rest mattresses directly up against concrete or steel walls. Wrap dishes individually and stack them on their ends. Stack books on the flat end. Stacking them on the spines can cause damage.

Mirrors, Glass & Artwork
Criss-cross masking time over mirrors or other glass. Use bubble wrap and protective cardboard or protective corners for art. Store mirrors and artwork vertically. Use bubble wrap and protective cardboard or protective corners for art.

Holiday Decorations

Keep fragile ornaments near the top of boxes. Egg cartons can be used to easily sort and store tiny ornaments. Shoe-boxes serve as a great storage box for ornament hangers
Use large plastic boxes. Garlands can be easily compressed meaning you can store a lot in a small space
Wrap lights around an empty tube of wrapping paper to prevent tangles. Put extra bulbs in a plastic bag and place them in the tube to get safe.

Home Appliance Storage

Run a final cycle. Drain any liquid. Clean the interior. Treat for insects. Clean the exterior. Remove any glass. Secure the appliance with tape. Choose where it will be stored. Store in the back of your unit. Do not use power when storing (where applicable). Protect the most fragile parts. Ensure any appliance doors are left open. Cover your appliance to prevent dust or damage.